maggies buns

went to maggies buns for lunch. didnt get a good pic of my outfit.

these were the candles at my moms birthday party.


or two?

air flow

the air conditioner in my car is broken. this is hot hot traffic pic.
and here are a few random pics

"all sewn out"

a friend gave me a bunch of XL shirts. i made this skirt out of one.

i made this shirt for my boyfriend. plaid flannel.

fashion illustration


my bumble bee tattoo. which coincidentally is Shanes nickname 4 me, BEE!

pic from lookbook. i like bees. want this necklace

midsummer nights dream

shane bought me new shoes. dolca vita.

went to my instructors house to help with the costumes for, "a midsummer nights dream". a pair of pants that i altered were made of flax. all the flax tags say lil inspirational lines. cute. "be yourself" "i am thrilled to be me" "i am great. people r terrific. life is wonderful."
oh that silly linen. hehe

joshua and his friends