this was some painting i did today. its still taped on the board in this picture but i like the wet look. ha
to do this i found a pic of a girl making a kissy face but her hand was doing the blow the kiss thing so i took a picture of me/my hand holding a bubble thing and WhaLA!
i really love doing that drip thing. its so funn to do and it automatically makes it look all tortured artist like. ha. i think the skin tone is my fav color right now. so pretty

cover page

ok, ignore the last image i said i wanted to use for the cover page of my portfolio... i plan to use this one instead. but, i plan to redraw and paint with pastel watercolors.

how to make a quick pencil pouch

switch foot to a zipper foot

unzip before this step or it will be tough to unzip and reverse after sewing up the side seams

ignore the fact that all i had was an invisible zipper. it would definitely look better with a plastic tooth regular zipper


i wanted to experiment with watercolors. the first in on fabric. a knit fabric which is why the paint spread a lot but i actually really like that so i plan to re do it and i will still allow the paint to spread just not as much... more controlled. the second one is what i think im going to use as the image on the cover page of my portfolio book. i dont think her eyes are as even as they could be but i doubt anyone would notice if i hadnt said. plus i can put it in photoshop and move her features around so. ha.
and i painted outside so i got a nice tan!


ive had a huge block on what to do for my surface design final and drawing this sketch just brought all my creative thoughts into a genius idea for it. i cant wait to start samples tomorrow and begin the process for it!
i had the longest and best day today. shane and i went for a drive in the country with the windows down then for lunch in the park. so cute we then played catch, frisbee and lava tag with some friends that just moved to near by and then we worked out and i went to a movie with some other friends. its one of those days where when you can feel every ounce of exhaustion ready to flow out into sleep. plus since i got some sun today i should sleep great! perfect day.

portfolio peices

This is LeAna Leo, modeling my designs. the first top and skirt where made in my draping class. the coat in the second set was made in my principals of fit class. it was made to fit me so i dont think it looks as good as it should have on her but it still looks great. the last picture is of the bag i made in surface design class. :)

sketch your heart out

as you may have noticed. i changed the name and url of my blog from Bee to sketch your heart out.
i feel like the direction i mainly want to go in is illustration so i am going to try to sketch and upload them as often as possible.
for this sketch i went to the student store and bought some fun pencils, charcoal white and black as well as an eraser pen and shader. i need a cute little pouch to keep it all in....
i like the blue hair...  i need to work on faces more. plus i just dont like drawing faces. im also going to try some watercoloring and photoshoping stuff together!