Elenora music video concept

My styling class has given myself and my assigned group the opportunity to style a music video.
The Band is called Elenora, look them up on Facebook.
Shane and some of his film buddies are helping us film and edit it.
The concept for the video is so amazing and I'm so excited to film it this weekend, which is, sadly, halloween weekend but I cant wait for it to be finished. ill post the video on here.

Ad styling

Shane said he would start using me to style his shoots and then pitch me to his company officially.
This was a shoot for a housing reality company. I styled the actors to look like an, "on the go, fast paced, married couple who loves the community" 
Im sure actual stylist don't do hair and makeup but in the last few styling shoots I have done, I have had to do all, clothing, hair and makeup. Good thing I know what I'm doing. Id say I'm pretty quick on my feet or as Tim Gunn would say, I make it work!

I would have to say the hardest part about styling is resources. In my experience, I have had to work with the clothing that the model/ actor brings and I have really surprised myself with how well I work with what I'm given in a creative environment. 

outfit post

H&M blazer (old) from goodwill
Old navy blouse and boots
cut off old levi shorts from goodwill
red lipstick. yum

FOODPDX tv show

 the team
shane has been working with a team to create this tv show called FOOD PDX. 
I went with to help him out and they used me as an extra. pretty fun and we got free macaroons. yum
when the video is done ill post it. probably only if you can really see me... I was an extra.

skirt and clutch

so this last week I was inspired by all the midi skirts out there so I just made one of my own!
Couldn't really decide on how I wanted to style it. 
and my leather clutch... I was inspired to make around 2am one night or should I say morning...

senior collection update

just the first proto types

after I patterned and cut the next time I worked on these I had a burst of energy and sewed up all of them in four hours!
the last two pics are of me deciding how i want to style that piece for the runway. 

outfit post monday

Shirt, boots: Old Navy
Pants: Forever21
Bag: H&M


this is the bakery Cait and i go to during friday morning class. :)
 this is what happens when i leave my phone alone with cait while i tinkle...
 the bar had fun shot glasses. cait is a scientist. 
this is the H&M dress my boyfriend got me for my birthday. :)

Dolls Kill

sort of fell in love with this site, http://www.dollskill.com/

cool name too


This was night 3 FRI: OCT7 with
Amai Unmei, Stephai D Couture, Ms. Wood, Collier and Seth Aaron (Project Runway winner) 

We had awesome seats!!! VIP!!




PFW Outfit post

so this is what i wore night 4
topshop skirt
zumiez tee
forever21 necklace
urban outfitters ring
aldo shades

I forgot to photo my night 3 outfit but here are the pieces i wore.
Forever21, Denim Skinnies w/ Studded Waist
got a lot of positive comments on that sweater. wanted it for soooo long!!!

NVM, found a picture!
my eyes look super scary but the sweater looks awesome

PFW backstage

 backstage night 2
 PFW night 3. VIP section
 backstage night2
 drinkin in the VIP section
 backstage day2. hair people fixin the models before they step out
 before the shop. night2
hanging backstage before the show

Happy Birthday to me!

wearing forever 21 shirts and necklace
zara jeans
Nordstroms rack boots.
*so, today is the second day of Portland Fashion Week (PFW) and I have signed up to be a volunteer backstage. I feel kind of funny being this casual for PFW but I will be backstage and workin hard so I don't want to wear anything that might get in the way. 
The braids are a new thing i'm trying.... feel a little like Pocahontas. 


Its my 22nd Birthday!!! 

I would really love to own this mango blazer. *sigh*

outfit post

forever21 tench and faux leather pant
old sweater and shirt
norstroms rack boot
goodwill bag
PINK Nails!!! 
zumiez shirt and tank.
forever21 pant, glasses and shoes
goodwill bag