I don't usually post all text, posts but....
I want to make goals for myself to follow so that my blog can be 
what I pictured it to be when I began it. 
I want twice a week outfit posts, preferably on monday and thursdays
Tues or Wed will be a post on what I'm doing for homework or something I've made/sewn. 
Friday or Sat will be my Illustration day when I post something I have drawn or doodled. 
as well as random posts in between or whenever of extra stuff that is going on like, 
behind the scenes fashion shows... etc. 
as well as keep up with my Twitter, preferably posting every other day or more. 

I am pretty busy with all that is currently going on with, school/ work/ intern/ life but 
I ALSO want to get started an Etsy store. I want to make jewelry, clothing, accessories 
and even refashion old items to sell like denim shorts, old dresses and more.

On a personal note, I'm so making goals to exercise and eat right. 

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