New boots

Ive been really stressing about what to wear to the fashion show saturday
i wanted it to be my own design but a little more dressy and a change from what i usually design
So this is what i came up with, at midnight 
i still need to do finishing touches but hopefully this does it for me. 
the boots i pre ordered months ago came! they are sooo cute. a little snug but so cute
I worked all day on this set for the act1 of the fashion show
Went everywhere looking for a good chair and table that go together
spray painted the purple
broke some old records and tada! 

Trunk show

^Here is what I wore
^Here is Kacie prepping the clothing
Ya, that little mustard one is mine!
A present from Ms. Wood for helping with the show. :)

Free time

bag: lizard Lounge

I forgot what this store was called but its super cute. 

Just another thursday

Final rough drafts of handbags and some cute pics

oh how i want kittens

New stuff

Shoes from Urban
The lower pictures are of my friend, Kacie's jewelry she made.
We  had it all laid out so we could style her collection garments.
She does beautiful work

What im wearing

Super sunny mondays make me happy

Cherry limeade in hand. Sitting on the patio. Searching fashion sites
Jewelry from forever21
Dress from H&M
Urban outfitter new shoes

Long thursday

We had designer interviews today for the collaborative fashion show video.
Here are some of the questions they asked me and a photo of what i wore
This is the concept board for my handbag collection. 
Sketches coming soon. 

A little work room insight

someone brought in this cute lil old sewing machine
^^Here is Celine. She is a swimwear designer.
^^This is Amy. She is accessory design but she is working on the clothing that the models, carrying her handbags, will wear. getting a little assistance. 
^^This is Ashley. She is accessory design. working on her tote bag. 
Oh, there are the buttons....!