so I found this site of the Set collection. 
I'm sad to say, no american stores and no online store. can only look but can not touch. 
look if you dare,!/en/Home

random everything

 above are some recent photos of me and the location for a video I'm working on... more to come
below are lovely inspiration images. Im sorry I don't remember where I found them but they are not mine.

stayin alive

 ^^ couple photos of my outfit from the skate party. 

 felt like making something to through paint at... so ^^^

 My BOOOfrunnnds doodles.
 Kacies giant bird earring. ya, she grabbed em before i could...
 Me at work... yay. (sarcasm)
My concept board for my Dressing Rooms Studio class. 


 my outfit today. while shopping at Jo-Anns for fabric. 
Cherry Limeade in hand. 
Shane and I are going to my work party tomorrow which is at Skate World. 
everyone has agreed on a 70's rainbow theme. 
So, i made us some tee shirts for the party. yay
The outfit is great. i will post photos tomorrow. :)


Here is a Photo Diary of my shoe collections as well as some of my favorite other things. 

The Ms. Wood earrings. yum.


 ^those^ photos are of where i spend most of my time/ life.
 the lovely Maya trying on some of my stuff for fit reasons. super wrinkled. ignore!

 i had my collection all set then i had a dream and woke up and drew those^^^ so 
it has been altered. below are my new protos. 

this is a concept board i was making for my dressing room class. its inspiration for some prints.