I dye. ;)

All thats left to do on most is the final Dyeing. yay

a bag a day keeps the doctor away.

 Just my painting space and my samples.

 ^^ lunch bag look

 The fold over
 The big bag!

 Yum, clutch

Will be painting all the bags! 

^^ Those earrings

$1 dress

I found this dress at the Goodwill bins. of course I spotted it because its shiny. ;)
new, dot tights
made those earrings last night. 

beads and chains

 mmmm... comfy day.

You have no idea how long it takes the hand thread that 
pink strip through every chain link AND evenly!
I think they will be a fun addition to my collection. 
The bags are the beginning of the bags for my collection as well...
the beads are for the Dressing Rooms class...

Workin on a Saturday

outfit... made work appropriate with a cardigan. :)


 What a romantic Boyfriend I have...

 ^ collection stuff ^
^ new floral dress
 ^ new white boots.
 new fringy purse. :)