spring break

 Since it is spring break. my lack of creative responsibility has made me even more creative so 
we went to the fabric store. Shane drew up this sketch of a jacket he would love me to create. he bought the fabric and off we go.... I've never done something this technical so I'm very nervous but hopefully it will turn out. erg.
 here is the fabric i choose. :) obvious difference in aesthetic. 
I made a pair of shorts out of the striped (second down) knit fabric. 
I will take lovely photos of them soon and display them 
my collection is inspired by edward sciccorhands, the movie, and late the other night i was sketching coats and instead of sticking to my usual design ways i decided to go crazy and push myself in a direction i don't tend to go in. I would like to make this out of used paint drip blankets. then i plan to set it up with a white back ground and have slow motion bright colored paint thrown at it, for a video. shane has agreed to help. I just need to make it. 


Here are my final garments during presentation. 
I think I will do more distressing and tear and black drip work before the fashion show, 
but they are officially done. *sigh of relief*
sorry for the poor quality photo. iPone.

Open Season

So, I applied for the Open Season show at the Mercury. 
and, I feel a little sick about it. 
Its kind of a huge deal 
I was sent the info to apply the other day so my garments aren't even completely finished but I know I would regret it if I didn't try. and I explained that they would be done this weekend. 
It would be so amazing to be in this show. 
Here is what I sent. 

collection time





AHHH... almost done. i think I'm going to change the tights to a long skirt and change the sleeves on the grey sweater to more of a bell. plus much more dyeing.

rawr rawr

"PYT, pretty young thing"

Just can't get that song outta my head.... "PYT, pretty young thing, i wanna love you..."
YAY, for an outfit post. Haven't done one in a bit. Busy bee, I am.
Finished one of 4 finals today. 3 more to go. 

Cheyenne meets Chanel


Ok, this is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I wonder if I can talk Shane into making a video like this for me....

check out Cheyenne's blog.

early morning class

early morning class

Mink pink dress
$43 - threadsence.com

Mango denim top
£30 - houseoffraser.co.uk

H M platform wedge
£20 - hm.com

Olive jewelry
$15 - amazon.com

Black braided belt
£7 - fashionunion.com

Beautiful summer day

Beautiful summer day

Rayon dress
$36 - threadsence.com

Steve Madden flat shoes
$100 - piperlime.gap.com

my online purchaces

 This skirt is so fun! 
 ^^^Faux suede jacket. cute but very static-e
 Ive been waiting for the perfect fit in a maxi dress, this is it!
LOVE this dress, it fits smaller then this picture but is so amazing. 

And From Nastygal
 I could live in this jacket it is so soft and flattering!
 You can't really tell from the photo but this blazer is shiny and 
has mini shoulder pads... just enough to make me look badass but not tacky. :)
This tank was a bit of a disappointment. 
I pictured better quality for the cost. the fabric is off grain and it is much shorter in person... 
but I love the razor back and dropped armholes!

A few more things to come from my order from forever21.