shopping haul

All these photos taken with the fancy camera I rented for the weekend... then back to iPhone pics.


 bought this dress at a cute shop in Portland on 23rd
Finally got a photo of my earrings. now I can put them on Etsy. 
Want to buy them? I'm thinking $15 or 2 for $20.
comes in different shapes too. and can switch to gold rather then silver

Neon pink

Got a little out of control with the picture taking.


My friend bought her leather for her handbags shes making. Had to buy the whole cow. Its huge. The black is another cows shoulders. Freaky. But they r going to rock

And i need those bear marshmellows


Went shopping at Moule in portland
After my dinner margirita
Im loving this maxi trend. Need more

Urban Outfitters order

I ordered these today. the harness boots won't be here till the end of May but 
I'm super excited for the other 2 in a few days!!!
My boyfriend really hates tall boots but i fell in love with those at first sight so i just won't wear them around him. ha. i probably will tho.
I don't usually get shoes with such high platform as the last ones but I'm willing to risk my ankles for them 

Love my Zara shoes

Lil hard to walk in tho. Slim heel

Some outfit ideas

Forgive the terrible phone pictures and bad lighting