Shoes finally came

At least one pair. Not the others yet. Which is wierd since i ordered them from the same place.
I blame the ups guy.


Had a lovely day at work then came home to make some delicous spinach burritos. My mom use to make them for use and now that we are on our own I decided to steal a lot of her recipes. Yum

Another SUS day

Above is my kitten assistant. Below is what I wore. cozy work day. 

Above about the vest pieces cut on their way to be sewn

Ryan taught me this cool spider web pleat today. thats what he is doing in the above pic and the 2 below. 

Didn't the pants come out cute!!  love!

These pics are more from that spider pleating. Super Tedious to cut out each one of those and re-tape to more and more and ahhhh...
Hope it comes out good. That technique will be on the jacket shoulder. 

Drunk kitten

Beatlejuice! Beatlejuice! Beatlejuice!

She had a big night... played in the sink and then passed out!

Continued SUS

The jacket. 
More fun patterning... some needed alterations. 
Looks kind of weird in this fabric. 
The final fabric will look much better! promise!!

recent order

my normal boots are looking a little too grunge for work... in a children's store so I ordered these 2 new pairs.
Im so excited for them to arrive!!!!
Both from Nordstrom.
I went into the store and tried on a few but just didn't like any but when going online I found a few that were exactly what I was looking for and for a lot less. I was a little surprised that were so much cheaper online then in store....

Serving up style progress

Pleats closed...
And, pleats open.... 
The back piece open... some crazy pattern making!!
Here is a dark picture of the back of the garment when sewn. 
and below is the front. 

I work my best at night... don't judge. :)