This skirt is from my senior collection. Detailed hand painting and distressing.


I made this top about 6 months ago. Im sure I posted it here but I completely forgot about it and found it the other day so it felt required to wear it ASAP.
I had a lot of fun making this. The ombre effect is suddle but accomplished what I was going for which was a underwater look. Almost like the bottom half is drenched in sea water....
#(inside my head makes no sence)
Oh, and check out the bad pic but awesome, open back feature. #fav
Only thing I would change is that I wanted the top to be a little longer to wear with skinny jeans but fabric was minimal so...
The shorts are my regular, all time favorite, pair of DIY shorts originally pants from goodwill.
I decided to push the boundaries and wear them, even tho its winter.
My thigh high socks are pushed down into sort of leg warmers. ;) 


^newest sketches
Try not to read my notes... it will only send you into a crazy spiral that is my brain.
Im making a lot of new friends at my new job.
Helen is an older women... much older, who comes in to the store almost daily now to see what im sketching. so cute. Once I told her about my design background and love of sewing she brought me a pile of stuff to use to make new designs with. Some is loose fabric and some are goodwill garments ready for a remake. She is super sweet and wants me to make all my designs and make it big and go on project runwy. haha. I told her that wasnt a goal of mine but I appreciate the thought.
 OH, she is super religious... which I am not...
She keeps praying for me, long long long, awkward prayers that im not sure how to respond to. I like her but I think I need to tell her that her excesive praying makes me extrememly uncomfortable....


So, I love when bloggers do this...
I always search and search through the blogosphere and various sewing comminity websites for blogs that aquire all of my desired attributes.
For example, I want a youngish girl, who sews, stylish yet simple items, unique, inspirational, on trend, maybe some tutorials or DIY's...
Anyway, here are some I have found that meant those expectations. :)
In no paticular order.
The link is to a post that she did that really pulled me out of a dark and depressing time.
After graduating, the lack of work was crushing to my self esteem. I have a $70,000 four year education and yet I am working part time for bearly more then minimum wage. Times are hard and I told myself that I could do it on my own. After working at it for a couple weeks with little social responce I started slacking off and doing little to nothing to further this dream. AFter reading this post though, I really had a revelation. I could do this.... I just need to stop overthinking it and do it.
So, thats what I'm doing.
She is young and cute and sews cute stuff. nuff said.
Ever wanted to take a look into the life of a designer? This blog is a photo diary of her process while she designs her collections. Beautiful. I dont even know how such gorgeous photos exsist. Pretty much if I could live in any blog, it would be this one.
Cute girl. cute and edgy designs.
This girl is so cute and sooo creative. Unique designs that Ive never seen.
This girl is only 18 and allready blows most creatives out of the water with her work ethic and unique designs.
This blogger upcycles garments in the most creative way.
 Gives me a lot of inspiration on a daily basis.
Not sure what she is saying cuz its in a different launguage... but she is gorgeous and is obviously designing super rad stuff.
Big Suprize here... another cute girl! She sews cute simple patterns with how-to, follow alongs.
Gorgeous mama who sews, alters and everything is soooo cute.
Im sure if you have gotten this far then you know this blog. awesome chick making awesome stuff.
Thats it for now. Ill try to remember to post other good finds when I stumble across them. :)


Another boxy dress.... At least I know what I like... I guess.
kitten just jumped in there... 



I cut off the waistband.
Pinned on dress form the shape I wanted...
Then pinned the denim strip over the top... to hold the large gathers in place.
Then I sewed it up and trimmed the uneven excess fabric.

A super trendy dress. 

Here is where I pulled inspiration


Ive been doing a lot of sketching lately... Design wise...
Im seriously considering writing/putting together a book.
I want to document my upcycling projects.
So I guess, it will kind of go off of the DIY trend but a little more advanced.
A big inspiration for this is the blog Refashionista.
She is so creative in seeing what something can become that no one else would think to do...
Im considering doing the 365 day challenge... Im just nervous that I will flake out and not keep up with it everyday or that I wont have time or money or that i will mess it up or get burnt out...
I mean...
I do technically have the time..
i only work 4 days a week,
i dont really do much with my free time right now either...
anyway... we'll see how it goes..

80's night

We had a thrift shop 80's night last night. We went to goodwill and red light and a couple other thrift shops and the 3 of us put together these wonderful looks. max has decided that this is his look and wants to dress like this everyday. I said, hell ya! he looks great, right?!!?!!
some of my sketches from today.
i spend a lot of time sitting behind the register with nothing todo so ive been sketching to keep busy...

New job

I recently started working 3 days a week at the Progress Ridge, Silkwood boutique.
Here are some photos of my experiance so far....
Some Instagram photo collages for the Store
Kate came in and let me style her. :)
My key and the outside of the store with my newly done window display.
My work outfits. :)