I made this top about 6 months ago. Im sure I posted it here but I completely forgot about it and found it the other day so it felt required to wear it ASAP.
I had a lot of fun making this. The ombre effect is suddle but accomplished what I was going for which was a underwater look. Almost like the bottom half is drenched in sea water....
#(inside my head makes no sence)
Oh, and check out the bad pic but awesome, open back feature. #fav
Only thing I would change is that I wanted the top to be a little longer to wear with skinny jeans but fabric was minimal so...
The shorts are my regular, all time favorite, pair of DIY shorts originally pants from goodwill.
I decided to push the boundaries and wear them, even tho its winter.
My thigh high socks are pushed down into sort of leg warmers. ;) 

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