73 degrees and sewing

this top was tough for me to decide how to refashion. But after many dreams and ideas I decided to keep it simple. Its longer in the back but all I did was chop off sleeves, shorten around front, chop off collar and sew under hems. done. 

I really like how this turned out. I have had a bunch of this swimsuit material for the longest time. 
Finally today I saw a picture somewhere with fabric that looked similar so I used my sweater pattern and wa-la! I like it a lot. Its so cozy too! And the sleeves are extra long, just how I like them. :)
Below is another way I used the swimsuit fabric and Im also planning on making some leggings out of a different print in that fabric. 

BUT, I didn't spend ALL day sewing... I also took my baby girl out for a walk. Here she is afterwards... knocked out!

Summer refashions

I got a lot of stuff from 2nd hand stores recently and have just kind of let them sit in my head for awhile. Yesterday I knew just what I wanted to do with everything... 
So, here are my Summer Refashions. 

I was attracted to this shirt because of the shade/color and 
I really wanted a linen blend tank top for summer. 
Unfortunately, I cut it a little too close in so the finishing was difficult. It came out ok but you would defiantly need to wear something under it and my stitching isn't as straight and perfect as I would have liked so it looks a little hand made. 
This denim dress was an obvious purchase. I am very fond of the denim trend. 
My debate was weather or not to keep the sleeves. I think I will wear it a couple times before it starts getting really hot then chop the sleeves and collar off just in time for summer. 

I was really excited to find this. I have been so in love with anything crochet that I didn't even care that it looked slightly pink tinted as if it was accidentally washed with a red sock. 
It will be the perfect swimsuit cover up.

This isn't necessarily a summer piece but I have been wanting a red lace dress since they started showing up all over. Like this free people one.
I ended up shortening the length by a lot and chopping off the sleeves and part of the neckline.
Not sure how I would wear it just yet but I'm happy about it...


Another lovely Sunday. Here is what im wearing and some of my new jewelry.

Cha cha

Here are the jewelry peices I purchased from Buffalo Exchange.
$12 necklace. $5 wrench ring. $7 claw ring. Dress is an oldie but goodie from F21.
Ive posted pictures of her before but Im not sure I have offically introduced her.
This is Cha Cha my 3 legged dog. Most people just call her Tripod.
Here we are on our daily walk to her favorite sniffing spot.


My friend, Kate and I went to the graduate portfolio show at the art school yesterday.
We got there a little early so we went by Anthropologie and Buffalo exchange. 
The prints on this pillow are so amazing. Pure art in its freest form. SO beautiful.
A lot of the clothing and pieces we found seemed to be easily DIY-able so these will be on my future list of items to DIY todo items. 
Buffalo had some pretty cute stuff but we were a little buzzed off our happy hour margaritas so we really just tried on silly things. All though, I did buy that black mesh dress. ha. How great are those shoes?!?!!? Id buy both if they were more my style. And with the socks?!?!? So fetch!
I talked Kate into letting me style her however I wanted so I got a chance to put her in clothing she would never ever pick on her own. How great is she in flared pants?!?!? 
She picked me out an outfit too. While the skirt was too big, it wasn't bad... but that shirt is just so unattractive to me... 

Had an interview for an internship with someone I would really really love to just hang out with and see how she does everything. I just really want to see how a professional does the things I ideally want to do before I can convince myself that I can and actually do them. 
Im sure that made no sense... but, moral of the story: Found a delightful new coffee shop. Heart, where we met for the interview.  (chai latte) 

Empire Records

Took a little inspiration from Liv Tylers look in Empire Records. 
Yes, I am very white.... what do you expect? 
Dress: Silkwood boutique, sweater: Goodwill DIY, boots: H&M, necklace: F21


So I got this sweater at goodwill awhile ago but it just wasnt seeming to work with anything. When I brought home this dress yesterday I realized the sweater would go perfect if it were shorter.
BUT: its a knit so I used a zigzag stitch to hopefully hold it in place which is working fine now but I guess I will see how it holds up after being washed.
This is my step-grandma. She and my grandpa go to Arizona a lot during cold seasons here.
She and her friends went to some flea markets where she found this beauty.
The features have sparkle to them and there are little silver hardware peices.
very cool.
and so cute how she styled it with a peter pan collar.  

Luck of the Irish

This refashioned Crochet top was found at the Goodwill Bins.
I want to make more adjustments to it then I will have a post about it.
LOVE these boots, from a couple years ago from Nordstoms. Brand is Trouve.
This is one of the new Spring Dresses in at the store, which will be going home with me. :)
Not sure if you can see, nice gathers on each side of the waist. perfect for my pear shape.
OH, and I love me a good razor back.
Did I ever mention that I'm part irish? On my moms side... her dad was Irish. Thats why my mama has that red hair and I definatly have tints of red, especially in summer!
And, when I was in like 3rd grade I found a four left clover. We had it laminated and everything. Guess its the luck of the Irish!
Happy (late) St. Patricks day!!
Shane took me out when he got home from his business trip.
We got a little tipsy and wayyyy too full. Gustavs has the most amazing fondue and they accidently gave us an extra entree. I love left overs. yum

Isabel Marant Rant

I have to say, ever since these shoes hit the metaphorical shelves, I have been obsessed.
The originals are around $360.
Knock offs range from $60ish and up...
(either way Im too broke for such a frivalous purchase.)
When I was walking through Macy's the other day I spotted them. In attempt to stop and admire, my room mate, Josh, stated how silly they are.
Not sure why I never realized this but most of the fashion that us girls die over are stupid to guys.
But then I think, im not trying to impress any men, so who cares.... Ill just wear what i want, right?
Obviously, this must have been the thought process for the Man Repeller blog...
What this means is nearly half the population hates what the other half is wearing.... excluding the gay boys and rarely fashionable men.
So, my questions is, When did this start?
Why have girls stopped caring what men think about what we wear and does this obstruct any love connections?
Are there less relationships now then there were back when we wore what men wanted us to??
What makes us want these things that bearly any people actually like?
After asking myself these questions and thoughtfully debating the issues Ive decided the anwser is simple....
Its because its exciting.
Those silly shoes give me butterflies.
They are different and unique and fun.
And though there are few who feel the same, when you find a friend that shares that interest, more butterflies.
So, boys.... get over it!

I seek you out

I love how creepy my sketchs look before I fill in the eyes.
How cute is this leather jacket that we just got in at work?
Bunny phone!

Neiman Marcus catalog/ trend report

I personally am not fourtunate enough to afford a charge card with Neiman Marcus but my step-grandmother is. She visited a location while on vaca with friends. Ended up buying $30 worth of merchandise and put it on a charge card. Now she annually recives these amazing catalogs. lucky.
I snapped a few pic's while I skimmed through it.  
They are so good at spotting trends, its crazy.
Im loving the shiny gold trend happening now and I love the styled down approach.
Those camo shoes. I... I just need them.
Finally some fun prints in style that I can get on board with.
The light, pastel, painterly-esque quailty is what does it for me.
Vests! I've never really been into vests. I only recently purchased my first which is a fake fur but these leather ones are gorgeous. Ill take one in every color. Even that orange shade that is in right now that im not 100% sold on...
The panel cut out designs are growing on me. Im sure the pant side panel is great for making legs look longer. What girl couldnt use longer looking legs? sold.
and those dresses... so sporty. We will definatly be seeing more sporty chic stuff this season. Maybe then Sporty Spice will come back into my life? Editorial idea? I think so!

catchy phrase

That huge scarf is the only reason I drew that pic. ha
The texture/print of some fruit really inspires me. Thought I would share.
And here are a couple outfits I forgot to post....
My go-to ankle boots and some new jewelry I found at Value Village for cheap!
BTW, those jeans are originally from american eagles when I was in highschool.. aka... 6+ years ago. BUT: my hips have come in and I am offically a Pear shape so those jeans no longer work. sad
Here is what I wore thrifting the other day. love my camo.
New necklace $18 at local boutique.
Some nick-nacks from Value Village and Goodwill Bins
(candle lantern, 2 frames and tea canister with daisys on it)

Ya, we're goin down.

kitten is not a sketch. ha
the texture in the last photo is so amazing! right??

Dream a little dream for me

This new top is from work. The brand is Fluxus.
 I love how baggy and comfy it is, with a cute little mini cowl in the front. easy styling today.
Wishing for a beanie so I drew one. ;)

Hello gorgeous sunny day

Just taking note of some online creative communities
Here is me, today. delicous odwalla juice and grapes to snack on. Tried out the braided crown with my hair. I have to say, I like it.. A LOT.
Here is what a sunny day looks like... havent seen it in awhile
my process/ notes