Got my first Etsy order the other day.
Granted, it was a friend and I gave her half off... It still counts.
Added another peice to the shop.
Some sunny day inspiration.


The boyfriend is shooting a short film and I am doing the costuming for it.
Here is what Im wearing today while working on finishing them.

The mood for the film is sort of Post Apocalyptic/ underworld. Lots of stunts and fighting.

All clothes found at thrift stores/ 2nd hand. 
We cut, chopped, pieced and distressed.
These are just stage one of the process looks. 
More to come. 
pants in progress...


Went to Seattle Friday with my mom to visit her step sister and son. It rained, a lot!
We stopped in town and went to All Saints and Nordstrom's where I got my makeup done. Fun.
My moms stepsister has this super awesome dog, Otis. so cute. He's from Russia.
And..... a long drive back. Beautiful sites, though. 
And some inspiring photos for your day....
Its suppose to be sunny all week so heres to brightening up your wardrobe! 

I think I might have inhaled you.

Shoes= amazing. Bought them off ebay for a lovely $26
Tank Dress: thrifted
Leggings, necklace and cardi: F21
Yes, I need a haircut. I know...
About half way done with this dress. Its long, for a model to wear.
Need to do finishing on the neckline and armholes.
Fabric is a poly blend, soft, suede like moleskin.
There is some orange creamsicle colored tulle under to make it bounce more when walking.
Its very boxy but Id like to see it belted...

Electric feel

Skirt: Silkwood Boutique
Basic V-neck tee: Zumiez
Sweater and necklace: F21
These are a few images from my favorite art book: The new age of feminine drawing.
And I made this the other day.... the top piece looks kind of like that Jegging fabric. yuck.

Im ganna miss me when im gone

Striped Dress: Silkwood Boutique
Mesh Layer dress: Thrifted
Busy Day yesterday.
Upon waking up on my day off from work I realized I wanted another sweater similar to the one I made the other day so I did some sketches and then off to the fabric store. Found more of the same fabric for my sweater then some stuff to make a dress that I will post soon. Its almost done now...
Lastly, I found this fun and really light weight cow print fabric. Ive seen the print becoming more popular and it was on sale so I grabbed a yard to make some cute flowy summer shorts. maybe with a rope draw string....??
After the fabric store I went to the libray for some inspiring books and then sushi for lunch.

She's on your mind.

This sweater design has been on my mind for awhile. Ive seen some similar to this in more of a light weight jersey but I pictured a thicker knit making more of an origami look to it and it did. Im in love. 
I used a giant rib for my cuffs but they seem awkward so I'm planning on changing them to the main fabric, folded over. Its a little too small for me taste but I'm sure most would say it fits perfectly. ha
This dress is a moleskin but it has little mini holes all over which doesn't show very much in the picture. I think it makes the fabric look a little bit sporty. I have some metallic pleather pieces on the bottom to play up the angular thing I was going for with the sweater. not sewn on yet... (see the pins?) I have to wait to use the leather sewing machine at the school because it won't sew through on my home machine. boo.  I like this look a lot. The silhouette is exactly what I was going for!!! YAY


I only had a random strip of this pleather and anytime I tried to sew it with apparel it completely screwed up everything!!! So, I said, screw it... Im just going to mess with it till it turns into something useable. and 2 seams later, this awesome scarf was born. Im so in love with it! inspires me to sew it onto a neckline to be connected to a top. that would be cool. (don't let me forget)
Im sure I've mentioned the mini collection I'm making for a friends handbag collection for the models to wear on the runway. I think its coming along...
Still need to dye the whites grey and do finishing on everything. Doesn't sound like a lot but it is...
And a little Instagram inspiration. ;) 


Just testing out some outfit ideas. That slight mid-drift trend is kind of growing on me...

This skirt was everything I wanted but when I put in on it was just way too full. 
So.... Chop chop went the scissors and that huge top layer came off. 
I like the little floral waistband so the under piece stays with a body con mini worn under. then I will use that top layer to make another skirt with a little less of that fullness.


A client that I have made a few things for finally posted some photos of her wearing one of them.
She looks so great in it.. even though it is only cream... she didn't want any color on it. lol
She wears it so much that its starting to pill. HAHA

Spring in Oregon... Beautiful flowers and sun then grey skies and rain. 
I am buying fabrics for my mini collection that I am making this month. These are the designs.

And a quick outfit post.


This girl loves a good flower dress! Trifted!

Cha Cha and Kia enjoying the sun.