She's on your mind.

This sweater design has been on my mind for awhile. Ive seen some similar to this in more of a light weight jersey but I pictured a thicker knit making more of an origami look to it and it did. Im in love. 
I used a giant rib for my cuffs but they seem awkward so I'm planning on changing them to the main fabric, folded over. Its a little too small for me taste but I'm sure most would say it fits perfectly. ha
This dress is a moleskin but it has little mini holes all over which doesn't show very much in the picture. I think it makes the fabric look a little bit sporty. I have some metallic pleather pieces on the bottom to play up the angular thing I was going for with the sweater. not sewn on yet... (see the pins?) I have to wait to use the leather sewing machine at the school because it won't sew through on my home machine. boo.  I like this look a lot. The silhouette is exactly what I was going for!!! YAY

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