BB Dakota

All these fashion sites... so little time. Im so addicted.

Penelope and Coco

Penelope and Coco : The Collectibles from Penelope and Coco on Vimeo.

This is the video on the Home page of the Penelope and Coco site.
So Great!
Not to mention the actual merchandise!  YUM


Just a few things from that I would Love to own!!!

crush on you

I really like the idea of this song playing for my girls to walk to for my collection. with a mix of other songs  similar to this one. :)

darwin deez

Bad Day from Anika Mottershaw on Vimeo.

seriously just watched a bunch of his videos.
his songs are so good and funny and if u watch any of the videos with him in it, he looks super cool.
curly hair, headband... awesome.

sixty seven

Just some boots from SixtySeven that I defiantly like. :))

Christmas trip Coat ideas

 free people. i think the 2nd one is the one i want... all though, its $300.... better start saving.

 Urban Outfitters


Market HQ

another cute site. with matching blog for further obsession

your life is your life

seen this a few times... so inspiring to me


First time stumbling upon this Tigerlily site..... I'm in love.

life update

new boots from   
yes, i know...  I have an addiction...
final Illustration Board for my collection. like the title?
beginning stages of my flats. :)
sorry they are small... screen shot.

Oh!!! and... my current girl crush is Rachel Rutt. :)

I could watch you forever...


Just a few Stylestalker pieces that I wouldn't mind owning.... now.
I just applied for the Stylestalker Fashion Design Internship in Sydney, Australia. Seriously want it!