Ms. Wood part deux

cutting Fringe
lacing bags
 admiring wood pieces and Kacie's recent jewelry find
watching Kacie hammer the leather holes

The internship with Ms. Wood is going so great! 
Its so much fun watching her work and learning how she does everything and being able to be a part of that. and her girls are super adorable. 


stopped by Scrap on the way to school today. got some fun random stuff to assist with christmas present ideas. :)

snip snip

Im making my cousins little coin pouches for christmas. still need to get some zippers though...

Made a couple simple sweaters with some extra knit fabric

did a simple DIY with my keds. probably going to tea stain the shoes as well since they are so dirty.

I saw these shoes at Buffalo and really wanted them, they were $55... a little out of my budget. 
made me realize how much I want knee high boots. :)

shopping hual

sweater from thrift store
Jeffery Campbell's from Crossroads trading company
 the brand name is pretty faded but it looks like, diba? from Crossroads

 antique, Japanese art, jewelry box from random plant store
 also from plant store. heavy necklace
 Crossroads $12
 Levis jacket from Red Light $12
RVCA asymmetrical dress from Crossroads
 Plant store $5
Vintage store $12

I love Graffiti 
snake skin rings and bracelet. 
didn't buy these, they were a little pricey and didn't fit to great 
but they are so cool and from that plant store again

Not ganna lie, Im pretty proud of every single item that I scored!


I love getting those burst of creativity that just make me want to draw!

pretty sure I need these

Ms. Wood

Ms. Wood Spring Summer Lookbook - 2012 from Carrie Robinson on Vimeo.

So, I am doing an internship for Ms. Wood. Im way too excited. first fell in love with her at Portland fashion week. The video below is the song her designs walked too for the show.
so amazing!

its 2am and i'm up sketching

does it look like me?

Audrey Kawasaki boner!

so in love with her stuff.
a friend of mine owns the two far right ones
i always try to steal them from him...

where do i go?

photo taken for school project by my boyfriend.
it was very cold and damp and windy! 
inspired by the poor young girls in the 20's


these are a couple of my 2nd proto-types for my collection. 
this is just the fabric i had, reminds me of bubblegum. 
remember the bubblegum that came in those round things that open in the middle and came out like a rope? oh, the good ol' days.

some things I want. :)

Cargo Jacket:

Denim Jacket:

asymmetrical cardigan:

galaxy stuff:

Mens watches
metallic anything
midi skirts
red pants
comfy sweaters
more BOOTS

Just love

update :)

 A friend gave me a TON of fabric. this isnt even half of it... !!!!
 ignore messy room, and blurry photo... i LOVE this comfy sweater
 Kacie's boots. that I super want. If her feet weren't 2 sizes bigger then mine, id steal them!
 work. ignore messy room