Crafty Day

Had some time to finally mix some fabric dye into permanate containers with lids. Did strips to tie around to label. I will probably photo that once thats finished as well. 

I was thinking about that corner lay technique that gives a fun and stable look to bags. Had to try it, as well as, its reversible! yay!

I have been wearing a lot of dresses(no pockets) lately and its really hard to carry around my phone since i am such a hands on person I prefer my hands to be free so i can experience. To fix this problem I used some of my left over ultra suede, just serge 2 pieces together. Did some fun pink hand stitching. Wish I had a cuter button. I also tore and braided this cute floral fabric for the necklace part. Figured it was a good color to go with my clothes. :)

phew.... big day! 
all this and I also had class this morning, wrote a paper, finished my presentation and packed for camping... and its not even dinner time yet. 
its amazing what I accomplish when Im up before 8am. 
P.s. I also had a lil nap... haha

Fun Stuff posted the, The So fun! Try it out!


Shorts and tee both from Goodwill both up-cycled into new designs. The shorts where jeans, I cut into shorts with slits. T-shirt neck and sleeves cut off. Hem was snipped then ripped however it ripped. 
Wedges: not sure where i got them but the brand is 'Classified'
shades from Aldo

 some water color painting
sketches for final collection. 

D.I.Y. wallet

After stalking Alisa Burkes blog (see previous post) I decided it was time to be a little more proactive. Stop talking about all the stuff I want to make and do it! I grabbed some old fabric that I previously dyed and made into a scarf for a past project and then cut it along with some fun neon pink spandex and sewed them together. Then I did some embroidery like stitching on top to keep the two peices together. found the button hole application on the sewing machine and found this fun old button in my button box. Im pretty happy about it. Hope you like it.

Blogger Crush

watercolor backgrounds from Alisa Burke on Vimeo.

I found this blog through and fell in love. I've found it in my best interest to procrastinate from homework and scroll her blog and watch her videos into the late late night. The late night being almost 2am now...  She gets my inspiration, creative bones tingling!!!

surface design update

After my first class critique, it came to my attention that my prints weren't as cohesive as they could be so I went back and redid the last two prints. I defiantly like how they look now!

concept for senior collection

This is the concept board for my concept 3 class that I will use to inspire the garments for my senior collection. :) It is based off the movie, Edward Scissorhands.

digital surface design prints

 print 1
 enlarged print



So, obviously I ended up changing my concept board slightly... went with a disco floral theme. comments were too add more color to the last too, make larger and more abstract disco references like in the first.
Over all, I had a lot of fun doing these prints. I will fix them up and post the new ones.