Crafty Day

Had some time to finally mix some fabric dye into permanate containers with lids. Did strips to tie around to label. I will probably photo that once thats finished as well. 

I was thinking about that corner lay technique that gives a fun and stable look to bags. Had to try it, as well as, its reversible! yay!

I have been wearing a lot of dresses(no pockets) lately and its really hard to carry around my phone since i am such a hands on person I prefer my hands to be free so i can experience. To fix this problem I used some of my left over ultra suede, just serge 2 pieces together. Did some fun pink hand stitching. Wish I had a cuter button. I also tore and braided this cute floral fabric for the necklace part. Figured it was a good color to go with my clothes. :)

phew.... big day! 
all this and I also had class this morning, wrote a paper, finished my presentation and packed for camping... and its not even dinner time yet. 
its amazing what I accomplish when Im up before 8am. 
P.s. I also had a lil nap... haha

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