Shane and I watch a lot of cooking shows, one of our favs is Chopped. The concept is 4 contestants must make a dish that includes but is not limited to the items in the Mystery Box. The box usually contains about 4 ingredients, one of which is almost always a protein like meat or fish.
The budget at home has been extremely tight this month because of some emergency unexpected costs so to keep us fed and to keep dinner time exciting we have created our own version of chopped. Wednesday night I choose 4 ingredients for Shane to create with; chicken, squash, a box of cornbread mix and yellow mustard. He created a pot pie. It was amazing. The next night he choose for me, meatballs, tater tots, seasoning salt and cream of chicken. I made tater tot pancakes topped with meatball stroganoff. It was amazing.
Both dishes were so delicious and I was so impressed that we both preformed so well. Though we don't follow the time restraints of the show, we had a lot of fun and discovered creative ways to use ingredients we all ready had without needing to purchase more. It also helps to have chopped on in the background! 

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