^newest sketches
Try not to read my notes... it will only send you into a crazy spiral that is my brain.
Im making a lot of new friends at my new job.
Helen is an older women... much older, who comes in to the store almost daily now to see what im sketching. so cute. Once I told her about my design background and love of sewing she brought me a pile of stuff to use to make new designs with. Some is loose fabric and some are goodwill garments ready for a remake. She is super sweet and wants me to make all my designs and make it big and go on project runwy. haha. I told her that wasnt a goal of mine but I appreciate the thought.
 OH, she is super religious... which I am not...
She keeps praying for me, long long long, awkward prayers that im not sure how to respond to. I like her but I think I need to tell her that her excesive praying makes me extrememly uncomfortable....

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