73 degrees and sewing

this top was tough for me to decide how to refashion. But after many dreams and ideas I decided to keep it simple. Its longer in the back but all I did was chop off sleeves, shorten around front, chop off collar and sew under hems. done. 

I really like how this turned out. I have had a bunch of this swimsuit material for the longest time. 
Finally today I saw a picture somewhere with fabric that looked similar so I used my sweater pattern and wa-la! I like it a lot. Its so cozy too! And the sleeves are extra long, just how I like them. :)
Below is another way I used the swimsuit fabric and Im also planning on making some leggings out of a different print in that fabric. 

BUT, I didn't spend ALL day sewing... I also took my baby girl out for a walk. Here she is afterwards... knocked out!

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