Luck of the Irish

This refashioned Crochet top was found at the Goodwill Bins.
I want to make more adjustments to it then I will have a post about it.
LOVE these boots, from a couple years ago from Nordstoms. Brand is Trouve.
This is one of the new Spring Dresses in at the store, which will be going home with me. :)
Not sure if you can see, nice gathers on each side of the waist. perfect for my pear shape.
OH, and I love me a good razor back.
Did I ever mention that I'm part irish? On my moms side... her dad was Irish. Thats why my mama has that red hair and I definatly have tints of red, especially in summer!
And, when I was in like 3rd grade I found a four left clover. We had it laminated and everything. Guess its the luck of the Irish!
Happy (late) St. Patricks day!!
Shane took me out when he got home from his business trip.
We got a little tipsy and wayyyy too full. Gustavs has the most amazing fondue and they accidently gave us an extra entree. I love left overs. yum

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