Summer refashions

I got a lot of stuff from 2nd hand stores recently and have just kind of let them sit in my head for awhile. Yesterday I knew just what I wanted to do with everything... 
So, here are my Summer Refashions. 

I was attracted to this shirt because of the shade/color and 
I really wanted a linen blend tank top for summer. 
Unfortunately, I cut it a little too close in so the finishing was difficult. It came out ok but you would defiantly need to wear something under it and my stitching isn't as straight and perfect as I would have liked so it looks a little hand made. 
This denim dress was an obvious purchase. I am very fond of the denim trend. 
My debate was weather or not to keep the sleeves. I think I will wear it a couple times before it starts getting really hot then chop the sleeves and collar off just in time for summer. 

I was really excited to find this. I have been so in love with anything crochet that I didn't even care that it looked slightly pink tinted as if it was accidentally washed with a red sock. 
It will be the perfect swimsuit cover up.

This isn't necessarily a summer piece but I have been wanting a red lace dress since they started showing up all over. Like this free people one.
I ended up shortening the length by a lot and chopping off the sleeves and part of the neckline.
Not sure how I would wear it just yet but I'm happy about it...

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