My friend, Kate and I went to the graduate portfolio show at the art school yesterday.
We got there a little early so we went by Anthropologie and Buffalo exchange. 
The prints on this pillow are so amazing. Pure art in its freest form. SO beautiful.
A lot of the clothing and pieces we found seemed to be easily DIY-able so these will be on my future list of items to DIY todo items. 
Buffalo had some pretty cute stuff but we were a little buzzed off our happy hour margaritas so we really just tried on silly things. All though, I did buy that black mesh dress. ha. How great are those shoes?!?!!? Id buy both if they were more my style. And with the socks?!?!? So fetch!
I talked Kate into letting me style her however I wanted so I got a chance to put her in clothing she would never ever pick on her own. How great is she in flared pants?!?!? 
She picked me out an outfit too. While the skirt was too big, it wasn't bad... but that shirt is just so unattractive to me... 

Had an interview for an internship with someone I would really really love to just hang out with and see how she does everything. I just really want to see how a professional does the things I ideally want to do before I can convince myself that I can and actually do them. 
Im sure that made no sense... but, moral of the story: Found a delightful new coffee shop. Heart, where we met for the interview.  (chai latte) 

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