Isabel Marant Rant

I have to say, ever since these shoes hit the metaphorical shelves, I have been obsessed.
The originals are around $360.
Knock offs range from $60ish and up...
(either way Im too broke for such a frivalous purchase.)
When I was walking through Macy's the other day I spotted them. In attempt to stop and admire, my room mate, Josh, stated how silly they are.
Not sure why I never realized this but most of the fashion that us girls die over are stupid to guys.
But then I think, im not trying to impress any men, so who cares.... Ill just wear what i want, right?
Obviously, this must have been the thought process for the Man Repeller blog...
What this means is nearly half the population hates what the other half is wearing.... excluding the gay boys and rarely fashionable men.
So, my questions is, When did this start?
Why have girls stopped caring what men think about what we wear and does this obstruct any love connections?
Are there less relationships now then there were back when we wore what men wanted us to??
What makes us want these things that bearly any people actually like?
After asking myself these questions and thoughtfully debating the issues Ive decided the anwser is simple....
Its because its exciting.
Those silly shoes give me butterflies.
They are different and unique and fun.
And though there are few who feel the same, when you find a friend that shares that interest, more butterflies.
So, boys.... get over it!

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